Road trips and bathrooms

A couple days ago I drove to college, which is a good 11 hour drive. Needless to say, the urge to pee happened multiple times and the familiar panic set in. (I had gotten used to the luxuries on the east coast over the summer. Gender neutral bathrooms everywhere.. even at the grocery store and by a soccer field.) I drove in a caravan with a couple of my friends. At the first rest stop, I acted like I didn’t really need to go to the restroom. (In actuality, I didn’t want to brave the busy men’s room and I while I was out to them, I wasn’t sure how weird it would be.

At the next gas station, I acted like I didn’t need to go then either, which was more than suspicious. My friends’ dad came out of the bathroom and was asking if I needed to go. I mumbled something about public restrooms stressing me out. He caught on and let me know that someone was in the guys’ one so it wasn’t all clear to go. The others accused me of having a bladder of steel and I said that practice makes perfect.

My car was running out of gas, necessitating another stop. Thankfully this gas station had a single gender neutral bathroom. At a little town in Texas, I doubted that it was out of concern for transgender people – it was probably out of space limitations and convenience. I started wondering why more places didn’t have gender neutral bathrooms, especially if the only bathrooms they have were single stall. It would be half the work of cleaning it.

This year, I’m panicking a little about bathrooms. There’s no way I’m going in the women’s if I’m trying to get everyone to switch pronouns and I don’t really feel comfortable going in the men’s since everyone has seen me go in the women’s for a year. I think I’ll just run over to a less busy building and use the men’s. It’ll be a pain in the ass, but as an athlete I can’t just not drink water. (I did that for the car ride here and have been suffering the consequences since. Hot climate + summer + running does not work.)

What do you guys do about bathrooms?


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  1. I’ve been driving a lot in Florida lately. Like all the rest stops have “family” restrooms. I can’t believe Florida is the only state to do this.

    Tomboy that I am, I can pass in male restrooms, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I was always pee shy, being trans just makes it worse. 😦

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