I debated for a while whether to even make resolutions for the new year.. statistics seem to show that making resolutions are a sure way to break them for the rest of the year. I haven’t made all that many in the past though, so maybe I can have confidence that I don’t have a pattern of failure. 

Anyway, goals or resolutions.. these are some of the things I will attempt to accomplish this year:

I am going to try to take care of myself

  • sleep, sleep, sleep, and nap
  • get in the habit of taking vitamins every day
  • relax more – watch more TV, read, write
  • check favorite sites less compulsively
  • spend some time in the trees/park
  • get my face cleared up

..and take care of business at school:

  • have pride in my notes
  • complete homework when assigned, not when due
  • study every day for test classes

…and take care of business in running

  • look forward to running
  • puke at least once after a workout this track season
  • work on arms at least 5 days a week
  • build up to 50 consecutive push-ups

…and in the LGBT community

  • make a presentation on gender identity to the PFLAG group
  • meet an FTM really close to my own age and stage in transition
  • meet a younger trans person and be a role model for them
  • bring a movie to group


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2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. I think that you a truly amazing person and your blog is awesome! I love your New Year’s Resolutions, and I bet you are already a role model for someone.

  2. Hey thanks, I appreciate you stopping by to comment and for the support. Good luck to yourself this year to with your goals!

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