Winter Break

As a college kid, there is nothing better than going home after pushing myself physically and mentally to exhaustion during finals week. I literally slept 14 hours straight the first night I got back, and probably averaged 9-12 every night of break. The altitude was killer. After a year and a half of 1300 ft to sea level and only a couple weeks here and there of altitude, I’m officially a low-lander. (The bright side, I felt like superman running today being back at school.)

The first week I got back home, I decided to hit the trails since it had been so long. I drove to the Garden of the Gods, and on the way there I saw a truck with homophobic propaganda. Between that and the horrendous driving, I knew I was back home.

photo 1

What did surprise me though was a billboard. At first I couldn’t tell whether it was supporting LGBT rights or not. I looked it up online, and its purpose was to uncover the homophobia hidden in the USAFA. It gave me hope to see it in my conservative hometown. 






Another surprising thing I saw while running was a missing poster for a dog.. taped right on top of a missing poster for a child from only a few days prior. Idiots. I honestly lost some faith in humanity when I saw that.


I spent a lot of time with my family. I was a bit wary of spending time with my extended family, but it was actually really fun except for one aunt. I came out to her before my parents because she flat-out asked, and I’d promised myself that even if I didn’t have the courage to come out, if anyone asked I wouldn’t deny it. She seemed supportive when I told her, but she’s done nothing but mess up pronouns and be ignorant. I’m livid at myself that I didn’t tell my parents first. I hurt them badly and I feel awful for doing that to them. That aunt kept trying to show my pictures of a woman’s haircut, saying it was so my style, and when I had shorts on inquired about runners’ leg shaving habits. Sometimes people should think before saying stuff.

We went up into the mountains for a couple days, including swimming. I got really anxious about going because I avoid changing rooms. I can’t go in the guy’s and I definitely feel uncomfortable going in the women’s. I ended up having a much more fun time than I expected. I brought a good book to read, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and ran loads. I also got to go cross country skiing, which was a blast!


Most days I spent time with family or relaxed and watched tv. On the last day of break I went geocaching with  my mom and then my dad taught me how to change the oil in my  car. Sometimes I get upset that I missed out on living my childhood as a guy, but times like that remind me that there’s still time to catch up.

A long 10.5 hour drive later I got back to my apartment at school.

photo 4

Inevitably I forgot things. This time it was my new(ish) pair of running shoes and my computer charger. I’m on my last few minutes of battery and might be making my next post at the public library. Cheers!

What were your favorite or most eventful parts of the holiday season?









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