You know you’re a cross country runner when…..

1. Most of your clothes need hung-dried.
2. Your running life is your social life, and you feel slightly awkward in a social situation that doesn’t involve physical activity.
3. You’d rather run a couple miles than feel the guilt for missing a day of running.
4. You feel grateful when you get to sleep in until 7 am.
5. Completing twenty pushups in a row has a similar feeling of accomplishment to and 8 mile run.
6. Finally being able to touch your toes is an even bigger accomplishment.
7. You constantly beg invite people to run with you, but are always pleasantly surprised when someone takes up the offer.
8. The first thing you do when you get to a race is scout out all the good peeing spots.
9. The first thing you notice about someone is their shoes and possibly the amount of heel-toe drop.
10. You’re already come up with dozens of smart-ass responses to the “you run…like every day??” question. No, I waltz the first half and skip the second half.
11. You calculate time in miles. (I have a doctor’s appointment in 5 miles at an 8 min pace.)
12. You feel a very real sense of loss when your favorite shoe is discontinued.
13. You bring a water bottle everywhere for fear of being tackled by your coach.
14. You’ve panicked over a small injury at the mere thought of not being able to run.
15. You’ve ran in any type of weather imaginable, even multiple weathers throughout one run.
16. You’ve had at least one run that was borderline insane.
17. Vacation means the chance to do nothing but eat, sleep, and run.
18. You know the distance, to the tenth of a mile, of each segment of your favorite trails.
19. Though you try not to be an inconvenience, somehow everything ends up revolving around cross county.
20. Your future plans and/or dream job somehow involve an additional coaching position at a school.

What more ones do you all have? I think it’s interesting to see how many little things we have in common.

I’m having a hard time accessing internet right now, but in a week or so I’ll be able to catch back up on you all’s blogs. If you’re a lurker, drop me a line! I’d love to check out your blog.


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