I noticed someone searched “what does transiteration mean” and stumbled upon my page. It might have been a typo, but if not, I wanted to explain the meaning of my blog. When I was creating it, I wanted to think for a long time so I could make sure that what I came up with was what I would want to stick with. And I know I accomplished that.

Basically, there’s two parts; trans and iteration.

Trans means across, beyond, or on the opposite side. It is a reference to my identity of being female to male transgender.

Iteration is a repetition of a process with the aim of approaching a desired goal or target.

I am attempting to find myself and what makes my life most fulfilling, through my interactions and relationships with others. This takes many tries – sometimes something stereotypically male feels uncomfortable so I ditch it, and sometimes it feels second-nature.

My goal, or target, is to express myself and though it will take time to be in alignment with my true identity, I have confidence it’ll be worth it. Transiteration is my journey.



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2 responses to “Transiteration

  1. I’m glad you stumbled on my blog and I’m glad I found yours! If you want to, I’d love to read about how you think being trans is going to affect your teaching. Either way, good luck with this journey, it sounds vital.

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