First indoor track meet!

Yesterday was the first time I ever zoomed around on a 200m track. As a distance runner, this merits a tad bit of respect. I did a 3k, which is 15 laps. In a couple weeks I’ll probably do a 5k, which is 25 laps.

Our coach dropped us off a block or so from a building. When I first got out of the bus, I thanked my lucky stars that we were running indoors. I think the only place more windy than Oklahoma is Kansas.

When we got inside, I was surprised. Not only was there a track actually inside the building, it was on the second floor! I think there was a swimming pool below us.

Side note: a pro about track/running is that it is 10 times easier to pass in a tracksuit. A con: going to the bathroom is awkward as heck. Every time. Without fail. I always made my teammates go in with me. When I’m with a group, nobody says anything, and I sure as heck am not going in the guys restroom yet. Even if I pretty much pass, I’d like to pee without fearing for my safety.

My race was late, so I chilled for a few hours. I had a few dried apricots and munched on a small piece of chocolate while sipping diluted gatorade. (For me it’s important to keep my blood sugar up before racing, especially when I have a late afternoon or night race.)

Two of my teammates and I went to check in. For those of you unfamiliar, we basically go up to a desk, say our race distance and our last name and get the sticky numbers for the race. My teammates checked in first. I stepped up. The nice lady giving us our numbers picked up the other packet (for the guys races) and started flipping through it. Awk-ward… 

“Er, same race as them.”

She looked confused for a second, and then mumbled sorry and started hastily trying to find my name. She was kind of flustered, so I repeated my name and number a few times so she could find it. 

I reveled in the fact that I passed and felt a tad guilty. Why does me passing always seem to involve making someone else feel uncomfortable?

As I was leaving the desk, I was another 3k runner with her mom. Her mom was asking if she was ready for the race. She said no, and that she didn’t want to race. 

That was me usually, but I’ve decided to cop on. I was ready to race.

After warmup and strides, they lined us up. I was seeded 10th of about 29, so I was lucky to get a front row spot. The electronic gun went off and we went.

I had a really good race, the best in years. Except for losing track of laps near the end, I was focused and felt in control. Not only did I PR, but I knocked 20 seconds off my old time for a finish of 10:56. I’m set on getting my 3k time down more and training for the steeplechase in the spring. I really want to go to nationals.

Watch out indoor track season! You’re going down!


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