What do you see?

They see a kid, sane person.
a bit average maybe, 
clearly fitting in,
blending with the crowd.
The tears of laughter,
a well-placed grin,
and living for the future.

They miss faltering smiles,
the constant burn of pain,
and tears of despair.
The thin wall of lies
breaking, crumbling
the small existence:
here today, gone tomorrow.

What do you see?



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2 responses to “What do you see?

  1. I see someone who needs a hug. Course I don’t live in the same country as you so the best I can do is a cyber (((hug))).

    • That’s so nice of you! I see an importance to look and figure out how people are actually doing. Sometimes I see people that say they’re fine when I know they’re not. I don’t want to regret later not asking them.

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