The first 19 years,

I was a sister, niece and daughter.

But I am a nephew, son, and brother.


Friend, do you hear me?

Are you one of the few

people that sincerely understand?

Or do you fear me, and brand me queer?

Look into my eyes and realize that

we breathe from the same atmosphere.


If I have to, I can withstand it, but

please, for the love of love, expand your mind.

Take a stand or lend a hand and comprehend

That I am still a friend, teammate, and runner.

a science nerd, academic, forever a learner, someday a teacher.

a hiker, rock climber, an if-it’s-physical-I’ll-do-it-er.

That I can dream to be a instructor and performer

but I’ll never be a conformer.


That I worry too much and make mistakes,

(just like any other human my age)

But I’d rather do without thinking

than think without doing.


That I am realistic, an individualist.

yes, I know honesty is a catalyst.

And no, I don’t need you, too, as my antagonist.


I’ll admit I didn’t commit to

extirpate the ironclad gender boundary

just for the hell of it

or because of a blase Sunday afternoon.

I am not just an eleven letter word

at the end of a four letter acronym.


It is part of me, but not the entirety.

and I guarantee someday you’ll see that

I am more.





10 responses to “About

  1. that is poetically beautiful!

  2. I sincerely understand you ❤

  3. Openly listening,
    neither fearing nor branding.
    Definitely loving even though I may lack understanding.
    Forgive the prose,
    it is poor I’m sure.
    But an opportunity nonetheless,
    to speak through an open door.


  4. I luv the name of your blog. I didn’t get it at first. Surround yourself with people that care for you.

  5. Loved the poetry. You got a new follower now. 🙂

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