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The needle: silver, gleaming,
tapering down to nothing,
a tiny funnel for gold
sliding into my leg.

I can feel it!
a tickle in my throat
a lower voice
a few tufts
fall from my head,
I don't mind a new hairline.
My muscles strengthen,
my shoulders widen
suddenly everything is lighter.
fat moves, smaller hips
making a little tummy
that I will run off tomorrow.
My face changes,
slightly but enough.

I look in the mirror,
finally seeing myself
for the first time.

I imagine this

everyday for another
two years.

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Flashback: I sat down forever

Hey peeps, hope you’re doing well. Here’s another blast from the past! This one’s also from 2010. I know, I’m no pro-poet or anything, but I definitely enjoy writing my thoughts out. I think it can be calming and help sort things out. I also think it’s interesting to look back on stuff I’ve written a few years ago; it reminds me of.. a lot. Raw. Unedited. Hope you enjoy.

I fell, like always,
and sat down forever.
then my feet fell asleep..
what else could I do,
but poke them?
trying again?
that must be nice,
numb, dead to the world
lacking pain.
yeah, I thought so,
but then it prickled and stung.
there, the real me,
the one I’ve always known
agonizing, slowly.
going back to normal.
normal? shaky. weak.
a feeble act,
but it’s all I had
so I tried to stand.

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